If You Can - 'IF...'

As part of the IF YOU CAN Engineering team I worked as Game Developer and implemented new features and improved existing gameplay mechanics on their new title 'IF...', a groundbreaking educational adventure game for iOS, designed to teach children Social Emotional Learning (SEL) skills. 'IF...' is built in Unity by a talented team of Engineers, Artists and Designers and features a beautiful 3D world and incredibly detailed animated characters with voice overs, an interactive conversation system and an engaging quest - based story. Initially released in February 2014, it is currently live on the App Store and new SEL game content is provided via a monthly subscription system over the course of 2014.

Mindstorm Multitouch - Wob Islands

Built for Mindstorm Multitouch - Wob Islands is a 'Bejeweled' style matching game created in Unity3D. Not only is it a two player head to head timed showdown but what really sets it apart from typical match-3 games is the ability to use multitouch moves to pull off amazing combos and match more than 3 blocks at once and achieve higher scores. We also created an array of powerups, which allowed us to do visually impressive things such as blowing up parts of the board with dynamite or turning your opponents board's blocks to stone. The game is purpose built to run on Mindstorm's 46 inch multitouch interactive tables.

Mindstorm Multitouch - Wob Picnic

Built for Mindstorm Multitouch - Wob Picnic is a fun multitouch game for up tp 5 players at once. The basic idea is to feed your player the correct food (corrosponding to the food in the thought bubble) whilst avoiding items such as metal cans, boots and fish bones. You are able to feed your opponents the wrong food but if you get too distracted you may miss the various powerups which periodically fly from the basket, which if fed to a player can dramatically change the game. The game is purpose built to run on Mindstorm's 46 inch multitouch interactive tables.