Fiat 500X Mobile Ad

Created at Doner London

About Fiat 500X Tablet Ad

Whilst working at the advertising agency Doner, I worked closely with one of their senior Art Directors to create this mobile interstitial ad for Fiat, celebrating the launch of the Fiat 500X. We wanted to create something special for this launch, when at the time most mobile ads were generally quite simple standard formats with a 200k file size limit. With this in mind we set about creating something for high-impact ad platforms, such as Undertone.

The Execution

We created a microsite-stye experience in the responsive mobile unit, featuring a split-screen slider to view the two difference models, a 360 experience with interactive hotspots, and an interior 360 using Three.js. This ensured the user would engage with the ad in many ways, thereby increasing the dwell time.