Ghost Of Tsushima

Designed at JustPremium

About 'Ghost Of Tsushima'

I designed a storyboard pitch for the launch of the PS4 game 'Ghost Of Tsushima'. I utilised assets from the release, re-touched and designed into JustPremium's desktop skin format. I factored in video, as well as an interactive slider featuring a Samurai sword, allowing the user to drag it to show the main character in his normal and 'ghost' forms. The key art would be separated onto different layers, with animated clouds, wind and parallax effects on the layers.


After mocking up the designs into a fully annotated storyboard, the client approved and signed the designs off to be developed into a fully paid campaign. The final creatives were built out in three different high impact formats - desktop skin, mobile skin and mobile footer for three geos - UK, US and South American markets. The creatives featured most of the animated features proposed in the mock, including animated sky, clouds, parallax effects on the layers and wind effects.