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Designed at JustPremium

'Dreams' Pitch and Build

'Dreams' is a recently released PS4 game whereby the user can build and share their own game creations and experiences. Whilst at JustPremium I was asked to design a mock for their desktop skin format, making the best use of the format to showcase the game features, video and screenshots. The basic idea for the desktop skin included some mouse-driven parallax animated layers of clouds and particles, with the ability to either choose 'Surf' or 'Shape', leading to different content from the game being presented in each panel.

'Dreams' Execution

Although the mock designs were signed off into a full campaign, the end result differs slightly in terms of content, whilst still incorporating the concepts from the pitch. In this case the new design was supplied by the client, but I then built it into JustPremiums desktop skin format, whist incorporating the animation concepts from the pitch, creating a floaty and ethereal feel to the skin.

About 'The Last of Us 2' Pitch

My concept for the 'Last of Us 2' desktop skin creative was to aim to show off the incredible graphics showcased in the game screenshots. Rather than best-fit the landscape aspect ratio screenshots to the side panel, I decided to make them span the full size of the panel, with the user able to pan around the screenshot with the mouse, and also expand it into the formats expandable overlay panel. The intro also features an interesting mask approach, where it stamps in the large, bold typeface of the main titles in the side panel, before fading in the rest of the image to create the first screenshot.