South Western Railway
SWR Half Term

Designed at JustPremium

About South Western Railway

Whilst working at JustPremium I created a series of storyboards with designs showing how to adapt South Western Railway's February half term campaign into three of JustPremiums rich media formats - a desktop skin, mobile skin and footer ad. The storyboard was signed off and I produced the finished builds, which also contained a Dynamic Creative Optimisation element, whereby the messaging would dynamically change based on the users location.

The Execution

The finished creatives were built using primarily PIXI.JS in a responsive way to cater for the three different formats and also taking into account different screen sizes. The creatives feature detailed parallax layers driven by the mouse, as well as animated water and cloud effects. The Dynamic Content Optimisation elements were informed by retrieving the users location, calculating the distance to a set of predefined towns and cities supplied by the client and displaying the relevant messaging.