UX Examples

Designed at JustPremium

About 'UX Examples'

I was tasked with designing the initial wireframes, and eventually fleshed - out examples for JustPremiums new Ad Builder, which would automatically generate responsive HTML5 ads based on a bare minimum of user input. In these cases the user could input a logo, image etc and the UX document showed how these assets could be used to generate simple, medium and complex layouts for two different responsive ad formats.

Process, Results and Iteration

The main process involved first creating the 'basic' layouts, deciding which elements were the bare minimum. This was gleaned from range of measurable datapoints, including CTR, client creative desires such as always wanting a background image which responds to landscape and portrait formats, or always requiring a logo and / or CTA. Once these were deemed feasible to automatically generate ads from, the 'medium' route iterates on this by including the ability to add a responsive product or hero image, and the 'complex' route where the user can crop to pick out a specific part of the image, as well as the other essential elements.