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Word Tracky

Made in Unity

About 'Word Tracky'

'Word Tracky' is an iOS and Android game, free to download from the app and play stores. I wanted to create a word-based puzzle game, based on the popular Radio Times 'Trackword' puzzle. I designed the game from scratch and worked on it in my spare time. The finished game features over 50 levels, each level containing lots of hidden words to find, including a nine letter word.

Making the game

One of the more interesting programming problems was how to easily create levels. I knew it would need to have a lot of levels to keep players entertained. I developed a system whilst on holiday in Scotland whereby I could enter a nine letter word and the algorithm would traverse through all the possible words that could be found using the Trackword rules. It dumped these out into a JSON file, which the Unity app was then able to read in. This enabled fast and efficient creation of lots of levels.

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